Scary Video of Distracted Teen Drivers Shows What Actually Happens Before a Crash …

Check out this scary video showing real car accidents caused by distracted teen drivers. This video was put together from a recent traffic study by the American Automobile Association (AAA) Foundation for Traffic Safety. The study used several video cameras actually placed inside cars driven by teen drivers, so that at the same time, you can see both the road ahead of the car, and what the driver is doing inside the vehicle.

The study showed that the driver was distracted in 58% of crashes overall. Many people think that distracted driving only happens when someone is talking on their cell phone, and cell phone use was involved in 12% of the crashes in this study. But the most common distracting behavior related to car accidents in this study was when the driver was talking or otherwise interacting with a passenger in the car, which accounted for 15% of all crashes observed.

Drivers who volunteered to have the video cameras installed got a reduction in their car insurance premiums, so these teen drivers knew that they were being recorded, but still failed to pay attention to the road. Drivers who were using a cell phone prior to a crash weren’t even looking at the road for an average of 4.1 seconds out of the final 6 seconds before the crash. Just think how bad distracted driving might be with drivers who aren’t being recorded. Although this study focused on teen drivers, anyone who spends any time on the road knows that this problem isn’t just limited to teens.

For more information on this study, check out the full report here or a brief fact sheet here. For parents of teen drivers, this is information definitely worth sharing with your children.

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